Our Gate & Door Projects

South Pacific Electronics can offer a complete solution for automatic gates and doors from the making of the gates, motors and electronics all with wireless remote control entry. Gates are hand crafted by Shane Bower.

Shane was born and raised in Fiji’s urban capital Suva city where he was introduced to the process of working with metal as a young apprentice at a boat building company. Combined with an industrious and innovative vision, Shane has become one of Fiji’s most sought after practising artists expertly working in large and small scale, copper and metal, for both private and corporate clientele.

Custom-made wrought-iron gates offer both security and public / private beautification. Often featuring carefully considered compositions of flora and fauna, the works are robust and timeless connecting seamlessly to their environment.

Below is a collection of gates designed and hand crafted by Shane Bower.


Our wide range of solar panels and chargers provide you with an eco-friendly solution to supply a residential or commercial application with green energy.