Project Description


Elsema’s automatic gates with Eclipse® operating system uses the latest technology for easy installation and setup. Our kits can operate automatic swing gates ranging from 2 metres to heavy industrial 6 metre gates. With its LCD control card and intelligent profiling, makes for a very fast, efficient, smooth and quiet operating motor. The optional battery backup and solar power allows operation in areas where it is difficult to use mains power and allows continuous operation even during power failures.


  • Suitable for Single or Double Swing Gates
  • Motor Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • Speed and Force Adjustment
  • Auto Profiling with Intelligent Technology
  • LCD Technology for Easy Installation and Servicing
  • Energy Saving Mode to Reduce Running Costs
  • Easy to release motor clutch with Key Lock for Manual Operation
Motors for swing gate

Product Models & Accessories

Dual swing gate motor kits

iS270D: 24 VDC Automatic Swing Gate Motor Kit

Aritculated Arm Kit for Single or Double Swing Gates. Easy to install and setup

Domestic Swing Gates Motor Kit

iS300D: 24 VDC motor for Domestic Swing Gates

Complete Kit for Single or Double Swing Gates. Ideal for low to medium usage.

Industrial Swing Gate Motor Kit

iS330D: Industrial Swing Gate Motor Kit

Industrial swing gate motor kit for up to 6 metre gate.

Optional Upgrades

  • Extra Keyring Remote Controls
  • Photoelectric Beam for extra security and safety
  • Vechicle detectors
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Battery Backup low voltage motor kits
  • Solar Panel for low voltage motor kits
Model iS270D iS300D iS330D
Supply voltage 240 Volts AC 240 Volts AC 240 Volts AC
Motor voltage 24 Volts DC 24 Volts DC 24 Volts DC
Max gate weight 250kg 300kg 600kg
Max gate length 3 metres 3 metres 6 metres
Speed 15 sec to open 90° 25 sec to open 90° 34 sec to open 90°
Peak thrust 2500N 3000N 50bar
Motor Type Articulated Arm Worm Drive Hydraulic
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