Project Description


South Pacific Electronics manufactures and installs automatic gate operators for all types of sliding gates. Our kits are controlled with state of the art one touch LCD control and all metal gearbox designed by Elsema Automatic Gates Australia for a very fast, efficient, smooth and quiet operating motor. The optional battery backup and solar power allows operation in areas where it is difficult to use mains power and allows continuous operation even during power failures.


  • Motor Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • One touch control and setup
  • Speed and Force Adjustment
  • Auto Profiling with Intelligent Technology
  • LCD Technology for Easy Installation and Servicing
  • Energy Saving Mode to Reduce Running Costs
  • Easy to release motor clutch with Key Lock for Manual Operation

Product Models & Accessories


Designed to last. All steel gearbox. Very High security code.


Easy setup with one-touch-control. Automatic learning. Contactless Limits.

iS900 Sliding Gate Kit

Engineered by Elsema for fast speed and durable gearbox. Superior quality.


Can pull gates up to 800 Kg. Australian built for high duty cycle operation.


Can pull gates up to 2 tonnes. Inverter technology for super fast operation.


Repeater/Booster to extend operating range of remotes.

Nylon rack

Specially designed for outdoor weather conditions. Long lasting and corrosion free racks for sliding gates.

Sliding Gate Motor Kit Includes

  • Gate operator with Mounting Base, Bolts and Screws
  • Intelligent LCD Controller Card with built-in 2-channel, 433MHz Receiver
  • 3 x Keyring Remote Controls
  • 4 Metres Nylon Rack

Optional Upgrades

  1. Extra Keyring Remote Controls
  2. Photoelectric Beam for extra security and safety
  3. Battery Backup, Charger, 2 x 12 Volt 2.6 AH Deep Cycle Battery
  4. Solar-20, 20 Watt Solar Panel, 10 A Charger, 2 x 12 Volts 7.0AH Deep Cycle Battery
  5. Solar-40, 40 Watt Solar Panel, 10 A Charger, 2 x 12 Volts 15AH Deep Cycle Battery
Model iS600 iS900 iS1200 iS2000
Motor voltage 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 240VAC 3-phase
Supply voltage 240VAC 240VAC 240VAC 240VAC
Maximum gate weight 600kg on level ground 900kg on level ground 800kg on level ground 2000kg on level ground
Gate type Domestic Domestic Industrial Industrial
Max absorbed power 80 Watts 120 Watts 120 Watts 750 Watts
Gate Speed 15 metres per minute 15 metres per minute 27 metres per minute 38 metres per minute
Duty cycle 60% over 12 min 60% over 12 min 100% 100%
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Our wide range of solar panels and chargers provide you with an eco-friendly solution to supply a residential or commercial application with green energy.